why dose sephiroth have a wing?

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why dose sephiroth from final fantasy 7 have a wing? and dose cloud have one?

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  • “Sephiroth is also known as the “One-Winged Angel,” referring to Final Fantasy VII’s final boss theme. The title is significant due to Sephiroth’s “fallen angel” connotation, a title given to those who have fallen from grace. To some, the name “One-Winged Angel” seems strange, as Safer∙Sephiroth has a total of seven wings. However, the original Japanese name is “Katayoku no Tenshi,” which means “an angel with a wing on one side” rather than an angel with only one wing. And, as noted above, Sephiroth appears in many titles after Final Fantasy VII with a single black wing, drawing back to his title as the One-Winged Angel.”

    Cloud doesn’t have a wing in the FF series, but he has a black wing in the KH series.

  • Sephiroths wing is a mutation from the Jenova cells in his body. Genesis and Angeal had the same thing.

    And Cloud is wingless in ff7, but not in kingdom hearts

  • Cloud doesn’t have one and for the reason for Sephiroth it’s explained in crisis core same thing happen to genesis and Angeal.

  • He drank half a Red Bull.

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