Why hasnt Gordon Ramsey got a Scottish accent?

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did he move to the UK when he was a baby?

Whoops, yes sorry England! wasnt thinking.

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  • People in Scotland have lot’s of different accents, both when speaking in proper English and in Scottish dialect.

    In fact many Scots who have a very strong accent when speaking in dialect, actually sound the least Scottish when speaking proper English, and could be taken by many to be English rather than Scottish. That probably results from overcompensation in order to make themselves understood, when not in their home area.

    In Gordon Ramsey’s case, however, I think his accent is a result of not being brought up in Scotland and travelling around a lot, although he can still revert to Scottish dialect when he wants to.

    Other examples of famous Scots who do not sound Scottish include Tony Blair, David Cameron (the UK Conservative leader) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood and Doctor Who – another person who can revert to Scottish dialect).

    Source(s): I’m Scottish and live in Edinburgh.
  • Its because he moved alot when he was a child due to his father acquiring new jobs around the UK. So he never adopted the Scottish Accent.

    Source(s): Much more can be learnt about Gordon Ramsay at:


  • That is total pish!! A Scottish accent is Unmistakable and if anyone like the ramsay tries to claim he s Scottish (when it suits him) just doesn t cut it. Gordo do yourself a favour and admit to being English cos your not a true Scott! ! I bet you don t even like steak pie and chips wi extra gravy

  • Moved to England as a child.

  • He was born in Glasgow but his dad liked to move around alot when he was nearly a teenager they moved to Stratford on Avon where his grandmother lived when his family moved on again he stayed there with his sister.

    Source(s): I read his autobiography
  • He moved South when he was young, 11 or there abouts.

  • maybe he’s good at hiding it like david tennant or moved as a child like john barrowman.

  • Yes, he was born in the UK. Scotland is part of the UK.

    Source(s): Geography lesson at infant school.
  • Well a little older when he moved.To Stratford-upon-Avon.

  • Probably went to a public school.

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