Why have people made a huge deal out of Danica Patrick?

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She sucks and she is a garbage driver with one win…one single win and that’s it lol.

4 Answers

  • Everybody assumed that if she didn’t win she was not a racer. No matter what statistics you use, she was always in the top 20% or so. Not a great driver, but still above average. She created interest. She brought fans to the track. She got people to notice sponsors. Can’t say I was  that much of a Danica fan, but she did a lot for our sport. Don’t forget!  This little girl gave up her teen years and social life as a kid, to go to Europe and live a spartan lifestyle learning to race. Give her some credit for the hard work and dedication, if nothing else.

  • Are you living in the past?  Danica hasn’t been racing for several years now.  There was hype surrounding her as she was competitive in IndyCar with points finishes of 6th in 2008, and 5th in 2009.  She was the first woman to win a top-level sanctioned open wheel car racing event, first woman to lead laps at the Indy 500, and has the highest finishing position for a woman in the Indy 500 with her 3rd place in 2009.  So I wouldn’t say she was a garbage driver, but having set those marks did result in the hype that she didn’t live up to, including her shift to NASCAR.

  • Because she was hot and had a tiny bit of talent. However like most modern American drivers, put her in Europe and proper race series shed struggle like anything

  • It’s because she’s the first female Indy 500 racer. Am I right. Who cares. I don’t pay any attention to her. 

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