Why is he acting like I can’t be his friend anymore ?

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I told my friend Jared today that yesterday afternoon the guy that’s been trying to get with me for awhile now asked for my number for the second time so this time I gave it to him but I didn’t write my number down ,

I verbally gave him my number and he actually remembered it and texted me last night and my guy friend said “well I hope he treats you right” and

I said “he isn’t my boyfriend I just gave him my number” he also texted back and said “he isn’t your boyfriend yet” and I didn’t reply and he texted back “I guess you’re not going to be texting me a lot anymore” and I texted back saying “you’re my friend we’re still going to talk” and he asked me “well why did you give him your number now and not the first time he asked ?”

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Tl:DR; I never said I was going to stop talking to him or neglect him. All I did was give the guy my number and now he’s making me feel like I abandoned him.

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  • He likes you. As in more than a friend.

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