Why is my car battery charger clicking on and off and not charging the battery?

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This is actually for my golf cart with 6 6 volt batteries and a 36 volt charger.

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  • Usually means you have a faulty battery. Try charging individually if possible and illiminate the bad apple

  • That relies upon on how briskly you prefer to cost your battery. Divide your battery amp hour skill by way of the cost cost you positioned the charger to and that’s what number hours it quite is going to take to absolutely cost a ineffective battery. an hassle-free motor vehicle battery could have a 70 to one hundred amp hour skill or larger and so a 6 amp cost cost, to illustrate on a battery with a 70 amp hour skill, will take virtually 12 hours to absolutely cost. would not your charger have a cost cost larger than 6 amps? in the journey that your charger has a ten amp cost cost placing it may be plenty speedier and a 12 amp or 15 amp cost cost could be speedier yet. some affordable chargers also have a 50 amp speedy cost cost and that would desire to get you going even speedier. yet forget approximately the two amp cost cost placing for the reason it is greater for only keeping the cost on a motor vehicle length battery or for charging small batteries like that of a motorbike or backyard tractor and comparable length batteries.

  • do you have the charger set for 6 volts? even though you have 6 batteries your system is still 6 volts check to see how they are connected in series or parallel

  • Battery could be so bad that the poles actually reversed themselves thus resulting in the charger going to safe mode so the battery doesn’t explode on you while attempting to charge it perhaps???

  • It’s drawing too much current and tripping the overtemp switch.

    Got it hooked up backwards? Or, one or more batteries are shorted.

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