why is my goldfish plotting against me?

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My goldfish, sean, has been acting suspicious. Lying, looking through my phone etc. whenever i ask him about it he answers with a blank stare. Please answer this question, im very concerned for sean

4 Answers

  • Your fish is most likely spoiled, he wants a better life so he is planning to run/swim away.

  • You must dispose of the dishonorable being you call “Sean”. He is a danger to you and possible guests in your home. I would suggest either mixing his food with cyanide or even pouring gastric acid in the tank. You must not hesitate for he could execute his devious plan any minute. Good luck warrior for you are about to go on a dangerous mission the could possibly result in your death. God speed. *salute*

  • Maybe he’s thinks “oh what a nice nice human I love them so much” (on a serious note he’s probley board wash your hand and move his decor or even move the room he’s in he might just want a different view)

  • @markiplier

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