Why is stewie’s head shapped like a football?

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I have always wondered this, does anyone know why his head is like that? Peter and Lois have normal heads, so I have no idea why stewie has a football head. Im just curious.

5 Answers

  • Because its a cartoon and they can do what ever they want.

  • Just something Seth MacFarlane came up with to make the show interesting. Although one episode they did show where Stewie had a normal head he was jumping on Lois & Peters bed. Brian was there watching when Stewie hit is head on the ceiling and made his head shape like a football cause Brian asks if he is okay.

  • lol one time they showed why, Stewie had a normal shaped head and he was jumping on the bed. He jumped to high, hit the ceiling and it deformed his head and made it football shaped

  • *shaped

    And it’s just the way he was born, deal with it.

    They made one ɡɑɡ cut-away when he was jumping on the bed and his head hit the ceiling, causing his head to be like that, but it was just a ɡɑɡ.

  • he was jumping on a bed and hit his head and it got squished

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