Why is the YMCA So Expensive?

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The YMCA in my area wants to charge $54 a month. That seems a bit high relative to other places you can work out at. Why do they charge so much? What about the YMCA is supposed to make it worth the extra money?

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  • Since I am disabled,i only had to pay $60.00 for the year,on a scholarship which includes 2 of my 4 children,(the other 2 are 18 and 21..But look at the maintenance,electricity,and liabilities,they have to be prepared for.They have to pay staff members and keep the pool and pool room in top maintenance.I mean if someone would get seriously hurt,the Y will have to pay dearly.

  • It s hard to explain why the Y is soooo expensive. They are supposed to be a Non-Profit, but charge more than the Bally s health spa, which has a bigger pool and twice as many weight machines. My local YMCA is the Willoughby, Ohio, West-End Y. They have a yearly “Dream Home” fundraiser and raffle a vehicle off, to cover subsidising the elderly and poor people. I always belonged to it, growing up. It must have been affordable then, because my mother, a single parent, was just a hair dresser. I too, am a single parent, but I can no longer afford the fees, even though I m an RN! So, it s a head-scratcher, indeed!

  • West End Ymca Willoughby Ohio

  • I was told by my ymca that it’s not expensive considering how they are involved with the community and blah,blah blow hard, so I went elsewhere. I donate when I can and can save the cost and actually use the difference to help out where I want the money to go and not to invite homeless in my area and such/this explains why in a small area we have been seeing homeless over the past year and they are coming from???

  • I wish I knew. My YMCA is really expensive also so I quit. I think they do alot of community outreach stuff so some of the membership fees might go towards these types of programs. If you can’t really afford the fees, you can apply for assistance from them and may be able to ‘join’ for free.

  • Instead of sitting and looking at, listen to books on tape since you walk, clean, or garden.

  • bcause there: young men can: “Get yourself ‘clean’, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel. . . , and it fun to stay at the YMCA” sing it with me now !!!

    most of them support rehab for homeless men and women who are down and out, so it is also partially tax deductable because they are using part of your membership dues for christian based help for the underprivieliged. God bless them :?)

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