why Louis VUITTON bags are so expensive?

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  • You are paying for a “Name” and that is about it.

  • Well Louis Vuitton and Chanel are the highest Designer Brand prices. So if you are expecting to buy one of those bags, shoes or anything from that, expect them to be very expensive xXx Hope I helped

  • Don’t buy it!if you feel it’s expensive…Louis Vuitton it’s not just a fashion product but it’s more than Art!!….Buy it if you Love it, not just Like it…the expensive ones is the Art of fashion that all ready build and every body Love it more than 100 year ago …

  • It’s a famous brand. They become expensive because :

    1. It’s a hand made (i don’t know if it’s true or not, because if you see the production there are millions of bags, how many workers they must enɡɑɡed to produce those millions “hand made” products ?)

    2. They need money to create the publicities. Publicities made them famous or well-known.

    3. They create a high quality products from high quality leather. Well, did you ever see a high quality of cows, sɴᴀκᴇᴅs, crocodilles ?

  • itz really stupid actully, because you’re paying for the brand. then when people see you with your louis vuitton bag they’re going to think that your rich. itz just to show off, kind of like bragging !!!!!

  • Yeah i know, and if that wasn’t enough they increase their prices so often too. I guess its because there are plenty of people out there that are willing to spend alot on those purses, and its a luxury item.

  • the majority of people are so ‘thick’ that they are convinced that what all the celebs are buying they must have too. even if its only because of a couple of letters with a certain exclusive font.

    its all in the image, baby…

  • CUZ if you want nice things you gotta pay for em dont be a ***** n1gga

  • Because the branded for the public interest, that company must get surplus from the production price…..

  • Why is ANY designer label product so expensive?

    Because people with more dollars than sense will buy it to look cool (to others with more dollars than sense).

  • Because it is a couture brand, and only so many are made. Couture brands are also status symbols, you’ve got to pay to play.

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