Why would an illiterate Democrat law school graduate SIGN executive’ orders top ‘amend’  the constitution, our US law?

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Biden (famous Democrat ‘law’ school ‘grad’) HAS over 100 tax paid bodyguards yet would deny CITIZENS 100 rounds for an American right. Was he not TOLD that ‘permission’ 3/4 of the states are required to change the constitution…

And I am willing to bet he would make more TYPOS than ME — if the moron in chief typed his OWN executive ‘orders.’

5 Answers

  • Hey, it’s your fantasy. FYI, Joe can’t be illiterate he reads from cards and prompters. 

  • Really, you should

    retake 4th grade reading comprehension. 

    It might help you morons be less confused about, 

    everything really, thus lessening the

    volume of stupid questions you folks think up.

  • Exactly Trump never Type his own Executive orders. Genius Trump has the full support of the MAjority of  Republicans! Unlike  Biden who just gets high approval marks from the Majority of AMericans

  • Trump used to take his 100 tax paid bodyguards to Mar A Lago so he could golf that costs about 3 million in tax dollars a trip

  • I wouldn’t worry about it — Focus on getting an education.  Maybe consider going to a junior college… Try and get a job and stay away from politics.  No offense but it’s obvious that you don’t know anything you’re talking about and you come across as really ignorant and it’s a little embarrassing to our party to be perfectly frank with you.   

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