wii letterbomb freezes?

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i tried a 8 and 4 sdhc which was said to work but everytime i click the letterbomb icon in my messages the wii will freeze can any of you help me out thx

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  • Make sure that your card is formatted to Fat32.

    Make sure that write protection isn’t turned on. You can check this by looking at the grey switch on the size of the card. Slide it, if you need to.

    Check that you have your “boot.elf” on the root of your SD card. Otherwise, the letter won’t have anything to boot.

    SDHC has limited compatibility with some Wii homebrew. I suggest you try to get a 2GB or smaller SD card.

    Finally, it is possible that your current cards are incompatible. Try using another SD card.

  • Letterbomb Wii

  • FIX Make sure u know your software on ur wii you should find it in wii options>wii settings> and at the top right coner of your screen youll find a ver. and your version will be at the top corner go write it down then go to please.hackmii.com and at the top of the webpage select your softwere then type in your mac address under the softwere select then do the capcha then after that select the wires there is no difference then get a sd card that just had been formatted and make sure it a FAT32 then extract the folder and in the folder copy the files to ur disk partision then as u go to the wii message board click on the bomb and u wii should come up like a cmd skrypt then ur done

  • Go look up a youtube user named microwave sam. He has ALL the letterbomb ultimate wii hacking tutorial step by step.

  • for those who couldn’t figure out what’s wrong just make sure that you downloaded for the right COUNTRY, I made the mistake of using the default country which caused it to fail, the country is located right next to the version

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