Wii SD card Channel Problem?

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I live at 2 different houses, and I brought my SD card over. I tried to load Mega Man 10, but it says “This channel cannot be launched on this Wii console.” It works over at the other house, but not at this one.

Isn’t that what the SD was made for? Along with extra space, but still.

I was not trying to copy it, but I wanted to play it.

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  • All paid downloads are locked to the Wii they are purchased on. Otherwise, one person could buy a game, move it to SD card, toss it into their PC (no way to control moving or copying there), and post it on the internet for the entire rest of the world to download, copy to their SD cards, and load onto their own Wiis. Meaning only one person in the world would ever have to buy any WiiWare or VC game.

    The SD card is for copying game save files for storage or sharing.

    The Wii isn’t that big. Why not just unhook the Wii and take it with you?

  • You can only use your Wiiware or Virtual console games from the Store on one Wii. It will not work on any others unless you modify them.

    If you want to modify your Wiis so that you can play the games that you LEGALLY paid for then you can follow this guide.


  • Well sorry but nintendo is stupid. They want to keep u from coping in to the sd card and then giving it away they would lose money.

    Learn about wii homebrew if you want free games like supermario galexy 2 without any catches

    Source(s): Life experence. For proof of homebrew check out YouTube!
  • I want to ask the same question as the previous person.

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