Will a queen mattress fit in a Chevy Suburban?

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I’m going to need to transport a queen size bed soon and I don’t think it will fit in my Ford Tauras Station Wagon but I’m wondering if anyone knows whether or not it will fit in my parent’s Suburban? Especially if we take out the extra seats. I’m going to measure it too but I don’t have it available to me right now so I’m just wondering if anyone happens to know. Thanks!

Or, maybe in a really really big truck? (I mean HUGE)

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  • having tossed a queen size mattress in the back of my full size long bed chevy truck, i’d say NO.

    while length wise it fits into the back of a full size long bed, its width is just enough that its up on one side of the truck bed.

    if it cant fit fully in a full size chevy truck bed, it wont fit in a suburban. both vehicles have the same frame and the same basic dimesions, one has an open bed and one doesnt.

    maybe just one part at a time at a real angle. but certianly not both parts at once.

    its not very heavy, put it on top and tie it down. with a nice sheet to protect the paint.

    or get a trailer that it can fit, either laid down or standing on its side.

  • Although I don’t know what year Suburban your parents have, I used the interior dimensions of a new one, which is 49.1 inches between the wheelhousings – based on a 60in wide queen mattress, it won’t fit flat on the floor. However, if you were to fit it in diagonally, it might just fit (with a 41.4in height, that works out to about 64 inches across the hypotenuse).

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