Will lions eat fish If house cats like fish to since they are both in the same felion family?

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  • I worked at a big cat rescue for 7 years. We tried to vary the cats’ diets so they would not get bored with their food. The only cats that would eat fish were the cougars. Lions in the wild will occasionally eat a freshly dead fish if they are very hungry, but they prefer, over fish and red meat, fowl. They loved cнιcκen and duck more than any other meat.

    Source(s): Worked with big cats, including lions
  • I don’t believe that being a member of the feline family is necessarily a prerequisite to eating fish. There are some house cats who absolutely hate fish. As lions detest water I would assume that eating fish would be their last choice of menu.

    However, lions “. . . like to eat fast running animals like deer, antelope, zebra, buffalo, and warthog. The lion can run only 35 miles per hour. This is slower than the animals it likes to eat. Because of this the lion must sneak up on its prey to catch it. When the prey is about 50 feet away the lion rushes forward and grabs the animal. The lion’s jaws are so hinged it can open its mouth 11 inches and kill an antelope or zebra in one bite. Its front canine teeth are 2 1/2 inches long. They also have 30 teeth.

    “Lions eat every 3 to 4 days. The male lion can eat 75 pounds of meat at one meal. When no large animals are around the lion will eat fish, turtles, and guinea fowl. If hungry the lion may travel up to 15 miles in one day looking for food.”

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    Will lions eat fish If house cats like fish to since they are both in the same felion family?

  • Do Lions Eat Fish

  • For where they often live, lions mostly have access to meat.

    But for domesticated cats, we see what they like, and we give it to them.

    I doubt a fish would be a big enough meal for a lion.

    Plus they are not the kind to go hunting in rivers, or the ocean.

    You rarely see it!

    Big wild cats and home cats have some sinilarities, but they also have a lot of differences too, and maybe one is home cats like fish, and big wild cats don’t.

  • All cats, big or small like meat period.

    Sure lions like fish, but why have something small, when you can go for something large?

  • All cats, domestic or wild are carnivores and will eat any meat.

  • Yes – but I wouldn’t want to be the one feeding it to them.

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