will my baja hoodie shrink if i wash it and then put it in the dryer?

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so i bought a baja hoodie and it says its 100% acrylic on the tag. i looked it up on the internet and it said that it was possible that it would shrink but then i read somwhere else that they dont shrink. what should i do?? i really need to wash this thing sometime soon but im afraid to.

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  • It should not shrink, but if you don’t want to chance it..wash in cold and hang to dry…if it is really stretchy and looks like hanging it will stretch it, then lay it flat to dry…will dry overnight.

  • How To Wash A Baja Hoodie

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    I’ve been in the drycleaning business for a while and before that I worked laundry in a nursing home, so I know a little about this.. absolutely hot water in a washing machine with a cotton ratio above 60% will cause shrinkage. If you’re aim is to shrink a full size, wash the item by itself in the hottest setting with little detergent and no fabric softener. Then dry the item by itself with the hottest setting for two full cycles. If you want your item to be softer, follow all of those steps with a normal cycle. Warning though: once your item is shrunk, that’s that!

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