Will my slip-on vans stretch?

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Today I bought a new pair of slip on vans, and I bought them in a size 8, my usual size. They’re a little too snug, but the lady told me I should buy them that size because they will stretch out over time and become more comfortable. Will my slip-on vans stretch out and become more comfortable?


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  • Yup! They’ll definitely stretch out after you wear them for a while. I’m usually an 8 1/2 and one time I bought size 9 Vans because they felt better, but after some wear, they felt way too roomy. But now I usually get them in an 8 1/2 and even though they feel pretty tight when you wear them the first few times, just keep wearing them and I promise they’ll stretch out. If you have thinner socks or peds, that also might be a good idea to wear those for the first several times you wear them.

    Hope I helped! 🙂

    Source(s): I basically LIVE in my slip ons. 🙂
  • Do Vans Slip Ons Stretch

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  • you ought to have in simple terms despatched them in and have been given a extra advantageous length with the aid of fact somebody tousled ur order yet I placed on length 9 shoes and that i ordered length 8 dc’s. They injury like hell for the 1st few months i could no longer wait to get homestead and take them off yet they did ultimately stretch out, you in simple terms could desire to placed on them plenty. Now as quickly as I placed them on i won’t be in a position to even tell they’re length 8 lol

  • I have generic target slip on vans, and they do stretch a little and be more comfortable.

    Source(s): I own a pair
  • Yes, once you break them in.

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