Will you die instantly if you shoot yourself in the heart with a .357 Magnum?

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10 Answers

  • Hold off. Little man Obama’s term is about over, and the FBI still might get scum-woman Clinton. The far more decent Trump might get in, and you won’t have to do yourself in.

  • No, you wouldn’t necessarily die instantly. It would depend on where the billet hit your heart. It could take anywhere from 30 seconds to even a few minutes for you to die. You would bleed out, stop breathing, etc.

  • Good luck hitting your heart and no you would take about 30 seconds to die

  • Yes you will die instantly.

  • yes… but your will feel the pain

  • yes you would

  • why yes you will.

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  • uhh. there is Heaven. Please. Grow up a little.

  • please don’t try it you are amazing

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