Will you miss Y!A after it shuts down permanently on 4th May ?

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This place was great a few years back, some great memories. I haven’t been here in ages, but I got a message today about it shutting down. Any old users still around ? Where will you move to ?

I was part of the original Y!A’s, back when this place was actually fun. 2010+/-. Haven’t been here in ages, but still sad to hear it shutting down.

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  • Miss who I never Miss nasty people Verzion has Failed its shareholders

  • Yeah but not much.

  • Yes.

    Though 2010? LOL. I have been around since the late 90s on Yahoo Games and Groups. Unfortunately ´change´ is almost never for the better. Just make sure you transition anything important over to a new email and we can all say good riddance to the evil Verizon Media

  • @sofia, we were different here from our real lives. That was part of the magic <3

    @syed, I always knew it was you. Write less, focus on quality over quantity.

  • Your real identity will always be a mystery ……..

  • Yep I will miss it and some users here. Also ummm it is BEFORE the 4th as we cannot post here anymore on the 20th of April!

  • It’s already being torn apart. I can no longer see my notifications…only an “oops” message. 

    I’ll miss some things and people but for the main part, it’s best it goes since some just can’t be decent 

  • I joined 2006 but don’t recognise your avatar/name.

  • old users? where have you been   im the guy your mother warned you about i barely have your pictures left.. your move ok so maybe its your girlfriend i am freferring to no disrespect intended…

  • 20th April is when it closes. After that it’s just read only

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