window a/c reset button trips immediately when plugged in?

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my frigidaire fac125p1a window a/c unit won’t turn on. as soon as i plug it in the reset button trips. i tried hitting test and clicking the reset button again, and holding in the reset button and trying to turn it on. anyone got an idea how to solve this problem?

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  • What kind of reset button? GFCI? If so one of two things. Either the GFCI is bad (unlikely) or the GFCI is working properly and there is a ground fault in the A/C (potentially fatal). You need to have an licensed electrician check it out.

  • You have a short somewhere. DO NOT HOLD THE TEST BUTTON IN. That will burn up the air conditioner. You might have either a bad plug-in or a bad breaker. If it is the plug-in it will be the cheapest and easiest to fix. Make sure you turn off the breaker first though because it can kill you if you don’t.

    If that is not the problem then it should be the breaker. You will have to have the name of the box that it is in before you purchase one because there are a lot to choose from and one brand WILL NOT work in another. When replacing the breaker, make sure the main breaker is OFF. Very important their because even if you are good at replacing them the electricity can arc over to you if you get too close. You will need at least a 20 amp breaker to run the unit as well. 25 amp wont hurt a thing either.

    I hope this solves the problem and God bless.

  • I had the same thing happen to me today. Mine is located on an RV and I plugged into outside drop cord to power box on lot. Had it plugged into outside plug on RV until a couple days ago and then it rained and when I shook the plug some water came out. I think it may be wet on the inside. Still searching for the right Allen wrench size to open it up and dry it out better. I can always replace the entire plug easy enough too.

  • Try unplugging it, hit the reset button on the plug, and THEN plug it back in. Worked for me.

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