With an expanded pupil diameter, what will happen to the spread of the image on the retina? Inc, Dec, or Same?

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Light from a distant star is focused by the lens onto the retina (Intro 1 figure) . With a pupil diameter of 3.0 , the intensity of light falling on the retina is illustrated by the graph below (Intro 2 figure) . The spot illuminated on the retina is about 8 in diameter.

2 Answers

  • In general, the diffraction limited resolution for light through an aperture is given by

    Θ = 1.22 L/d

    where Θ is the angular size of the image of a point source, L is the wavelength of the light being imaged, and d is the diameter of the aperture through which the light is being imaged.

    The larger d is, the smaller Θ will be. As d increases, the angular spread of the image of a point source decreases.

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