Working on some lyrics—-any suggestions? ?

NetherCraft 0

To the tune of American Pie……

A long long time ago, I can still remember…..

How the site use to make me smile..

and I knew if I had my chance,

I could do the Top Contributor Dance,

and maybe people would be happy for a little while—

But then the Purple Plague made me shiver–

and every new glitch Yahoo would deliver–

Bad Trolls on every doorstep,

Then Chinese Bots ran up the steps

I can’t remember if I cried,

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when trolls suspended me and my account died.

But something saddened me deep inside,

The day, Yahoo Answers died-

So BYE BYE, All my stalkers who lie ,

Drove the site to destruction and now all our accounts die.

And them Good ol’ trolls taking their Meds with Rye,

Singing THIS will be the day Yahoo finally dies-

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  • Sounds good to me, I’ll screen shot it when you’re done  

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