Would a 11 Dodge Caliber radio fit in a 07 Dodge Caliber?

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I got an old 07 Dodge Caliber that I absolutely love, I was wondering if a radio unit from a 2011 model would fit in a 07 model? The 11 has bluetooth and some other features so its somewhat of an upgrade if its possible. The radio units design for the 2011 model is a bit different from the 07 version, so is it possible to swap them out? Would the Hands-free and BT work? Im getting the radio from a caliber thats getting parted out if that makes any difference. 

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Im a total noob when it comes to cars so any help is appreciated. 

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  • Do not waste your money.  Get a real upgrade with an aftermarket amp and stereo.  They will sound much better and will come with a warranty although you might need a professional to install it.

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