would it be weird to have dark hair and blonde arm hair??

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i was just woundering.

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  • that’s not unusual at all. i have brown hair and blonde arm hair. it just means that you get alot of sun and your arm hair is more easily bleached by the sun then the hair on your head.

  • I truly don’t think it would be that noticeable, eyebrows are more of an issue than arm hair! I have darker hair naturally but the hair on my arms is still light and no one has ever said anything!

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  • Well you can’t really see the blonde hair on your arms, well others can’t, so it wouldn’t really make a difference. People do it all the time(:

  • No, blonde hair on arms is barely noticable.

  • I don’t think it matters too much at all…

    Now Blonde hair with some black arm hair… that might be weird.

  • I don’t think so…there are people who have dark hair and choose to bleach unwanted, visible body hair. Unless you have a lot of hair on your arm, I don’t think anyone would even notice.

  • I’m a brunette and I have blonde hair on my arms and legs. So it’s possible and I don’t think it’s wierd.

  • It would be weird to have arm hair. If you are a girl.

  • no i’ve seen many people with dark hair and blonde arm/leg hair. i’d say they’re pretty lucky

  • no not really i have seen much worse than that and well to be honest i have dark hair and blong hair on my legs but you really cant see the hairs so if you cant see your hairs it will be like totally cool and awsome to do that and well if you have any other questions message me oh yea and personally do what you thoink and feel is right

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