Wrapping a hot potato in aluminum foil significantly reduces the rate at which it cools by?

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A) melting. B) evaporation. C) condensation. D) conduction.

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  • B) evaporation

    The potato has moisture that evaporates and cools. The foil prevents that by keeping the moisture contained. Aluminum is a very good conductor of heat and allows cooling by conduction, so it cannot be D.

  • b) Radiation sturdy LORD! i won’t be able to comprehend why the different posters are mixing up the words way too lots. Conduction in this context has not something TO DO with electricity. Radiation in this context has not something TO DO with radioactive decay. there is not any decision D. of course it won’t be able to be D. There additionally isn’t something offering a warmth source in this situation. the warmth already has been provided by employing the oven. The potato in this situation is basically sitting on a plate, attempting to quiet down.

  • D) conduction as potato can not melt, evaporate or condense. Hope this is helpful. Bye.

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  • None of the above. The foil reflects the heat back into the potato.

    The approved answer is D, but it’s misnamed; it should be called ‘convection.’ There is no conductor present.

    BTW, it works best if you turn the shiny side of the foil inward.

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