write a full set of quantum numbers for the outermost electron in an Rb atom:?

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n = ?

l = ?

m sub l = ?

m sub s = ?

Michael, your answer works, but can you explain to me how you got + 1/2? Thank you!

4 Answers

  • if n = 5, then we have a possibility of l = 0,1,…,(n-1)

    l = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

    let’s pick l = 4, then m sub l = -4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4

    let’s pick m sub l = 4

    m sub s can be either -1/2, +1/2

    let’s pick ms = +1/2

    So a full set would be

    n = 5, l = 4, ml = 4, ms = +1/2

    There are many combinations that could be a full set of quantum numbers.

  • as in all orbital shells there are in basic terms this manner of super style of electrons that could occupy any orbital layer. those stages are in many circumstances happening layers as u circulate away fm the nucleus. in many circumstances happening gaining knowledge of in severe college and school courses. learn ur e book. As minus not. Now the place is that hollow? Will it extremely be crammed with an electron? hmmn.

  • hey m counts for number of orbitals and m=0 for s orbital which also counts as an orbital

    hence shouldnt it be

    5,0,1,+1/2 ???

  • 5,0,0,+1/2

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