Yo y el ladron (Me and the robber) ?

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Has anyone ever read this story? It’s a short story in Spanish, Yo y el ladron, by Wenceslao Fernandez-Florez. http://www-958.ibm.com/software/data/cognos/manyey…


If so, can you tell me a brief summary of what happens, I don’t understand what’s going on in the story… thanks!

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  • Hi

    The story starts talking about that Mr Garamandi asked a favor to the main character (the story doesn’t tell the name) that if he could take care of his house. Well, not take care, keep an eye on the house.

    The main character accepts, then he says that Mr Garamandi takes advantage of him since the Mr Garamandi did some favors to the main character.

    The days passed, and the main character remember that he had to take a look on the house of Mr Garamandi. Then the main character decided to call to Garamandi’s house ( he was lazy to go and look at the house), he listened the TIrrr Tirrr, and then a voice replied:

    Strange voice=hello

    Main character= what?, Isn’t it Garamandi’s house?

    Strange voice=Of course yes, it’s here, how are you?

    The main character was stupefied

    Main character= Can you tell me what are you doing there?¿Aren’t you a robber?

    Strange voice= Well, actually I am.

    Then they are talking about, that what the robber has taken? and why don’t he leave?…the robber said that he took some things, but not much.

    Then the main character tells the robber that rob a silver tray that the main character gifted to Mr Garamandi, because if he doesn’t, Mr Garamandi will think that the gift is worth nothing.

    Then they talk about things the robber can take, and the main character talks about a girls, then the robber tells him to send a fox capes to the main character, if he doesn’t accept, hi will send it to Albertina, then the main character accepts and that’s all

    Hope you understand what I wrote.

    Source(s): I’m Colombian
  • Ladron In English

    Source(s): https://shorte.im/bbCez
  • Yes, the people who responded below are correct. I looked it up in my Oxford Spanish Dictionary. When it becomes ladrona, remove the accent mark.

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