Your project is to put 5 things that represent you.. What would you include?

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In my Language Arts class, we are supposed to decorate a brown paper bag with things that represent us, that people might already know. I don’t have ANY clue what to put on mine, so I want you to list as many as you can about YOU, so that I can get some ideas. This is in the Adolescent section because I am an adolescent and can relate to you all, more than anyone else. What do I put?

We’re having a baby.:)

Ummm, hunny, this is also in the Adolescent section, which is in the pregnancy section. (:

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  • For me, I would put

    1) A paintbrush (because I really love to paint, art, etc.)

    2) A muffin pan (because I love to bake)

    3) An encyclopedia cover (because I know everything a person never needs to know)

    4) A cover of one of John E. Douglas’s books (because he was a behavior analyst, and I want to be one, too)

    5) Camera (because I love photography)

    Here are some ideas for you:

    -A flag of your country of heritage

    -A makeup brush, if you love makeup, or a makeup compact

    -A pen (because I know you love to write!)

    -A generic book (because I know you love to read (: )

    -The ball/stick from your favourite sport, if you do a sport

    -If you like chemistry, some test tubes or beakers.

    -Your favourite animal

    Some personality trait ideas from animals.




    Unstoppable/Salmon (they swim upstream, even though, physically, they shouldn’t be able to)


    Whale/large (lol!)





    Sheep/Stupid (lol)




    Bird/Great singer/Communicator


    Mosquito/Annoying 😉



    Hope this helped!

    Source(s): my awesome brain 😎
  • Well for the items….. 1. A recent school Yearbook 2. An outfit that is common these days… 3. A recent picture of the School Mascot 4. A lunch Menu 5. A school Calendar The letter could be something like….. Dear 2059 , Today is…. Our school has alot of events like….. The president of the United States is Barack Obama. There is alot of Economic problems recently….. The Iraq war is STILL going on and has been for….. years! Something like that should work! Good Luck!

  • – A cool rock album (music is my life)

    – My pretty camera ( I love capturing memories and looking back at them when I feel down)

    – My favorite earrings, angel wings (they are pretty, and silver, and they remind me of freedom)

    – An old picture of my grandpa and grandma, when they were young (they have always been there for me)

    – A seashell from the beach (I love the beach, it is so calm, even with the crashing waves, it makes me feel like the only person in the world)

    – A flag of th country I used to live in. (it is a big part of who I am)

    – A book (I am not in the ideal place in the world right now and books have always helped me escape for an hour)

    I’m not a freak I swear 🙂

  • Family


    Something having to do with art


    A smiley face (not because I’m always happy, but because I like being happy and having fun [who doesn’t], I think one of the most important things in life is being content and happy, and I like to help people)

    We did something similar to this in my Language & Communication class.

  • Well, this is just me

    – A Cell Phone (I am a text addict. My class would know XD)

    – A computer (Im on here everyday, more then one hour)

    – My family (like my mom, sister, brother, etc)

    – My iPod (its actually made me partially deaf, I listen to it that much and that loud)

    – This one…..idk. My boyfriend or a book cause I love both LOL

  • I would go to the hardware store and get my favourite colour paint chip (light green) and stick it on.

    I would draw little elephants along the top.

    I would stick gold star stickers along the bottom.

    I would draw cute little fruits all over.

    I would take a picture of myself and stick it on the side opposite of the paint chip.


  • – Horse figurine.

    – Music note.

    – Blue eyeshadow (represents the 80s).

    – Black rose (represent gothic subculture).

    – Book (my love of reading).

  • A volleyball



    Bunch of people that remidn u of friends

    and a hyper msiley cuz im usually hyper

  • I would put:

    My family(a picture)





    Student Council

    Spanish Club


    A smiley face


    A peace sign

    Too many more to list.

  • Taurus (zodiac)



    curvy figure


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