Your thoughts on a Papillon-German Shepard Mix?

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Ever since I was little, I wanted a German Shepard. I still do. But since then, I had the worlds best dog, my beloved Kiki. Kiki is a Papillon, hence I had the great idea of the “Super dog”!

So how do you think this will work out?

(not talking about how I will get them to breed, just the outcome.)

I’m not going to mate KIki with a German Shepard! No no no no! Kiki is spayed and cannot have puppies! And I might not do it, I was just wondering what people thought, I still might do it too, I was just wondering.

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  • LOL, how are they going to mate, the difference in size is enormous. If it was a female papillon it couldn’t even carry the pups.

    I understand you love both dogs, but the temperaments are very different, perhaps you would not enjoy a german shepherd as much as you think. I know my GSD likes papillons, to eat 🙂

  • Papillon Shepherd Mix

  • Taking one good dog and another good dog, and mixing them doesn’t mean the outcome will be a great dog. Find a great German Shepherd Dog to keep your Papillon company & don’t mix the breeds.

  • A german shepherd (do no longer understand what she’s blended with) won’t attain finished enhance till she is a minimum of two. My lady finally filled out final summer season whilst she grew to become into 2 a million/2. I relatively have doggies that at 5 months weigh 50 lbs. provide her time and feed her high quality puppy foodstuff till she is a minimum of a year old earlier you turn to canine foodstuff.

  • Don’t be ridiculous. People like you just encourage further backyard breeders.

    When Kiki passes away. Try a german shepherd.

  • If you wish to kill your dog, there are many more humane ways than breeding her to a german shepherd. This has to be a joke, right? Seriously it would be a death sentence for your dog. She would not be able to carry them to term, but if she did, the delivery would kill her.

    If I am wrong and the pap is the male, it could work, but you still should not breed them. It would not be a good mix.

  • They would probably be hideous, with huge bat ears with some fluff, a big hairy butt, and a very confused tail that cannot decide if it wants to curl or tuck.

    Honestly, if you want a German Shepherd Dog mixed with a smaller breed, check a shelter. Do us all a favor.

  • Pretty messed up looking. That is just saying it lightly. You need breeds that are more compatible.

  • not good.

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