Yu gi oh abridged sun joke?

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In the third episode of Yu gi oh abridged by littlekuriboh, Tristan tells Tea that the sun will be out in an hour. Then she totally flipped out on him. I kinda don’t get. Was it a period joke or what because I know there’s more to that.

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  • Tristan really says that in the actual yu hi oh. Tea is complaining about being cold, probably because she’s standing outside at night on a boat. So Tristan responds, jokingly by saying “Well, in another few hours the sun will arise.” Like that’s going to be of much use to her.

  • yeaa i’m not 100% sure myself but in my opinion i think it was added in because it has ‘absolutely nothing’ to do with whats going on and is a ‘wft’ moment in general i think that was the point of adding it it even says afterwards ” (seriously, he actually says that. . wtf) ” and the reason i think she flips out on him might be because he totally disregarded what she was complaining about OR i could be totally off there and say maybe its because he was saying its harder to get caught ᴘᴇᴇing off a boat at night during the day, and she found it offensive that he would think she would do that OR that is also completely off and it was just a random moment not ment to make sense, yea i pretty muched guessed myself so sorry if it doesnt help, lol

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  • Boy: somebody took all my starchips!!! Yu-Gi-Oh: do not concern. we are going to get your movie star chips for you. Boy: You propose you will convey them returned to me? Yu-Gi-Oh: I in no way pronounced that. LMAO!!! 😀

  • For some reason Tristin actually says that in the show. Because 4Kids is retarded and they change the dialogue.

  • shou shun sin thank you .

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