Yusuke vs. Naruto who would win?

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Who would win demon Yusuke Urameshi or Naruto in his 8 tailed form in a battle to the death.

Plus who do you think is the better main character.

BTW if you haven’t seen Yu Yu Hakusho all the way to the three kings arc you really shouldn’t answer.

That means you punk princess.

9 Answers

  • Yusuke both fronts. Yusuke is awesome and ridiculously tough in his demon form; naruto is annoying, and virtually a sasuke fanboy.

    Spirit Gun = Powerful shot of spirit energy.

    Rasengan = Quickly spinning air.

    Who wins there? 🙂

  • Yusuke Vs Naruto

  • Ok everyone. Listen up. Your answer is Yusuke would win by a long shot because…

    1. His spirit gun is way more powerful than any of Naruto’s attacks.

    2. Yusuke is a spirit detective, his powers were meant to kick demons asses. (Not to mention he;s a demon himself so he wins both ways)

    and 3. Yusuke is just a plain BAD ***!!!!

    There you have your answer now except it!!!

  • I think naruto would win the fight. I can’t really say why since we’re comparing 2 completely different characters with from different worlds that dictate many variables. for example i’d have to guess naruto’s world’s gravity is much lighter than yusuke’s since they’re able to leap such amazing heights and run at such incredible speeds and length’s of time without any form of effort or extensive training.

    yu yu hakusho has done those things as well but that is explainable due to the fact that these are demons while naruto’s characters, though ninja yes, are still human. what i’m trying to say is its very much impossible to compare these two characters and can only really guess since they can’t really be compared to eachother. next time choose characters that have some sort of connection or similarity

  • YYH is basically on a level of low-tier DBZ so Yusuke would win.

    Characters like Toguro would be enough to make what Nagato did to Konoha look like a sweet tea party.

    Not to mention did you see Yusuke’s spirit gun from Dark Tournament arc and onward? One shot can nuke the entire town if fired full blast, even moreso when Yusuke went demon mode.

  • Naruto to win but I’d be screaming GO YUSUKE!

  • I would say yusuke up until naruto’s newest gayass transformation

  • I’d also say Naruto before the last few EP.

  • NAruto….

    .. wtf yusuke? i dont even know him lol…

    …if he was that great i would know him.. so yeah… tehhehehe…

    and btw

    @allen james – rasengan isnt spinning air.. its chakra… air and energy so its wayyyy much stronger..


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