Okay, has any tried vodka + powerade?

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i’m thinking of mixing the two on the weekend.. is it tasty or what? also, what are some good vodka/juice mixes? I could use DETAILS too, so if you’re an adult, you are very much welcomed here!

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  • I’ve tried it and it’s not very good. Powerade (and Gatorade, for that matter) are both too weak tasting to stand up to having vodka put into it. My favorite vodka/juice mix is pineapple juice and vodka–the pineapple has a bit of a bite so there’s not a big vodka aftertaste, but is still sweet enough to be tasty. Orange juice, lemonade/limeade, cranberry juice, g ɾąքҽ fruit juice, even Kool-aid and Crystal light taste pretty good with vodka.

    If you want to be a pro about it, try mixing your juices together – pineapple & cranberry with vodka is a pretty pink, pretty darn yummy combo!

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  • no, but I tried vodka and gatorade, and it’s a bad idea. Plus the powerade may water down the drink concentration a bit too much, I know that gatorade does that.

  • Vodka and Orange Juice is the best.

  • I always liked mixing vodka with crystal light. If you mix g ɾąքҽ vodka with club soda it tasted like g ɾąքҽ soda.

  • Well it tastes pretty funky but its drinkable….

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